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A Canadian company specializing in industrial safety and security, corporate information and investigation services. Risk management - Loss prevention - Workplace investigations - Computer and corporate crimes - Labor disputes - Economic crimes. Administrators and managers concerned with proper security for their operations will appreciate SIRCO'S wide range of services. These include personnel integrity, evaluations and security of their computer systems and installations. SIRCO is motivated by a real concern with finding solutions, keeping in mind the operational priorities and budget of each and every client.

Mandate: to represent SIRCO on the African and the Middle Eastern markets


Energy has never been so important, yet the energy we use comes at the highest price: our planet.

At Milusos, we believe the answer lies with the use of biofuels as energy. But its not just the fuels themselves: it's how they are produced, replenished and burned that will help make a positive stepchange in the environment, and will bring non polluting energy to millions of people in developing and developed countries.

OL system is all about empowerment

Empowering local people with the opportunity to sustain themselves

Empowering Madagascar to be at the centre of great ecological change

Empowering us to help heal the world

We believe that in order to succeed everyone needs a role to play and that role is just as important as the next. We see everything as renewable and reusable, creating a highly sustainable and low wastage pipeline of business from the smallest farmer to the largest global corporation.

By creating ethical global networks we can realise our potential with no hidden agenda. Its not just for us or our future generations. It's for Life.

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Mandate: promoting and developing the project all over the world by entering into specific country agreement with either public or private sectors .

You think about hovercraft? Waypoint One will supply full expertise, project management, manpower and training to any hovercraft operation in the world. Our team has an unmatched international experience; Asia, Arctic, South America, North America, Africa and Europe are our play ground.

Our ability to establish any operation in remote areas will solve your transportation problems.
Waypoint One does not compete with ships or helicopters transportation; we offer a solution where nothing else is possible.

Hovercraft could be the solution to your logistic challenge.

We take pride to establish full operation in sensitive areas with an unequal respect for nature.

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