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China Metallurgical Group Corp (MCC)

China Metallurgical Group Corporation (MCC in short) is a China’s leading multidisciplinary multinational company that is well known for its rewarding experience and strengths in scientific research, industrial engineering practice and international trading capabilities. MCC is mainly engaged in EPC business (engineering, procurement and construction), natural resources exploitation, papermaking business, equipment fabrication, real estate development and provision of the related services.
MCC is a major driving force behind the growth of China’s steel industry, and a reputable contractor of a number of key projects both at home and abroad.

Mandat: We have facilitated business with MCC in Madagascar


Canadian society founded in 1902, Alcan was synonymous with aluminum production. Today, In 1902, Alcan was synonymous with aluminum production. Alcan has evolved into one of the globe’s leading suppliers of bauxite, alumina and aluminum, and a top-ranked provider of engineered and packaging materials.

Alcan’s strength lies in the powerful synergy of its skilled people, its market-driven solutions, its advanced technology and its proven commitment to sustainable value creation.

Each of Alcan’s four business groups — Bauxite and Alumina, Primary Metal, Engineered Products and Packaging — holds strong market positions in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Mandate: We have facilitated a major deal with Alcan in Madagascar.

Green Energy Madagascar (GEM)

G.E.M. (Green Energy Madagascar) Draws contracts for Madagascar communities for buying and planting Jatropha seeds. G.E.M. extracts Jatropha oil and transforms it into bio-diesel fuels.

The Jatropha system utilizes a rural integrated development approach. By planting Jatropha edges it protects gardens and fields against vagrants animals. The oils extracted from the seed can be transformed into soap and bio-fuels.

Mandate: we have facilitated business for the company in Madagascar in multiple ways and provided protection to its executive team.


MITSUI & CO., LTD. is a Japan-based trading company. The Company is engaged in the sale, import, export and manufacture of various products in the fields of iron and steel product, raw iron and nonferrous metal, machine and project, chemical, energy, food and retail, as well as lifestyle, consumer service and information industry.

It is also engaged in the provision of retail, information communication, technology, transportation and finance services, the development of energy and raw iron resources, in addition to the investment in new businesses such as information technology (IT), biotechnology and nanotechnology businesses.

Mandate: We have facilitated business with Mitsui & Co in Madagascar

Millenia Hope (BioPharma)

Millenia Hope is a biopharma that fights disease through treatment, prevention and dissemination of crucial information to people around the globe. The Company produces and distributes products with the goal of improving the quality of life through a credo of comprehensive solutions to the problem of disease.

Millenia Hope applies novel approaches, based on natural sourced products, targeting insidious diseases where the most widely prescribed medications have lost their efficacy. Its flagship anti-malarial, MMH™ Malarex/MMH™ 18, is saving lives now! Today offering hope that the most vulnerable and long suffering segment of humanity will have a brighter tomorrow.

Mandate: We have facilitated business with Millenia Hope in Madagascar.

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